Beginner Courses



Who Is It For?                   Anyone new to running, or returning to                                                                running

What Does It Cost?              £60 

How long is the course?          10 weeks (during the school term)

When and where is the

next course?                      To be confirmed

                                    (click on the'info' button below for full

                                    details of the course content; and

                                    Contact us if you'd like to register

                                    your interest)



Our gentle progressive beginner courses start with short intervals of

running with walk breaks in between.  We work at your comfortable pace,

gradually increasing the running time over the 10 weeks to 5k. 


Taking that first step can be daunting but our courses are designed to remove all apprehension and make this an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you. 

We believe that running should be fun with lots of support,

encouragement and laughter along the way.


If you have any other questions please just get in touch. 

Full contact details are available in the 'contact' tab above.                                 

All questions are important to us and we're here to help. 

It really is an incredible feeling when you realise that you

can run and we'd love to be part of that journey with you.