Below is a list of the runs we are offering this term.  Runs/courses in red are new this term,  runs in blue are term time only and runs in black are all year round.

For full details of each of these runs click the 'calendar' tab above, go down to the day and run you're interested in and click on it. You can also click on the 'Events' button on the 'Home Page'for a one page summary sheet of all our runs and events from April to December.


Your first run with us is free.  Please contact Jo to let her know you're coming so we know to expect you.  You only have to do this once and then you can just come along to any of our runs. Click on the 'Contact' tab above for how to get in touch.

It is important that our runners complete a medical form so that we are aware of any medical conditions.  You can download a form by clicking on the 'medical form' button.        



9:15am - Long fast run – 8-9miles – locations vary* - (Term time)

*Marathon training with 10 mile opt-out from Jan-Apr


8:30am - Early bird steady run - 5-5.5 miles – Sevenoaks

8:30am - Early bird gentle run - 4-4.5 miles - Sevenoaks

7:30pm - NEW* Outdoor Circuits Sessions Summer Term - Booking required)



9:15am – Increase your pace - Sevenoaks - (Term time)

7:30pm – Evening steady run – 4.5-5 miles – Sevenoaks*

7:30pm – Evening gentle run – 3.5-4 miles – Sevenoaks*

*Scenic runs in both Otford and Sevenoaks during the Summer Term


9:30am – Steady/Gentle Run - 4-4.5 miles – Hildenborough

9:15am – 8-9 miles scenic steady run – locations vary*

*Marathon training with 8 mile opt-out from Jan-Apr


 8:30am - Early bird steady run – 5-6 miles - Sevenoaks

8:30am - Early bird gentle run - 4-4.5 miles - Sevenoaks


8:15am – 'Out and About' Run - Steady/Faster 5-6 miles - Otford/Sevenoaks

8:30am – Steady/Gentle run - 4.5-5 miles – Hildenborough

8:00am - NEW* Monthly gentle/steady long runs - First Saturday of each month - Details to be confirmed


8:00am - NEW* Monthly Long steady/gentle runs - Third Sunday of each month - Details to be confirmed

8:00am - Distance Course - Details to be confirmed

8:00am - NEW* - FREE Monthly 2 hour scenic walks - Last Sunday of each month - Details to be confirmed

  For full details of our beginner courses please click on the 'beginner' tab above.

For more information on the Sunday Distance courses please get in touch.


There are no joining or membership fees for our runs. 

Most runs cost £4 with the exception of the longer runs and courses. 

You can pay for each run by cash or buy a book of 10 running tokens for £40 from the coach. 

You can pay this by cash, cheque (payable to Jo Kingston) or bank transfer (details below):

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J L Kingston



Ref: [surname]

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