​If you want a coach that offers advice, guidance, support as well as friendship then you will find that in a coach like Jo!  She will never give up on you even if you are as exasperating a runner as me!  Jo truly shares my absolute passion for running inspiring me in my many moments of highs and lows in running!  If it is either instructing me to ‘Dig Deep’ at the bottom of a hill (a personal favourite of mine) or to ‘Slow Down’ if I am facing burn out towards the end of a race she will always go that extra mile for you!  Serena

It is always great running with you Jo. Whether I'm having a great run, feeling positive and fit or if I'm struggling at the back of the group dreaming of warm baths and hot tea you always know what to say. Your words are pitched perfectly to inspire confidence and build knowledge. I can't imagine running with anyone else. Thank you, Andrea

I’ve been running now for over 4 years and have loved everyone moment, even though I’m far from the quickest in the Groups. Running really does reduce your stress levels, leaves you feeling positive and ready to tackle anything as well as improving fitness and general health and wellbeing. Most importantly I’ve met some amazing people, made lots of friends and had the pleasure of being coached by highly professional and caring people. Over the last 3 months Jo has run a couple of course that have really benefited me,  the speed sessions were excellent and have really improved my fitness and technique and we have had some lovely Sunday morning long runs along the Darent Valley which have built stamina and confidence, followed by breakfast in the Otford café of course! If you’re new to running and looking for a friendly steady run or an experienced runner looking to improve times and distances then I would strongly recommend running with Jo, she caters for all abilities and somehow seems to keep us all together and ensures we all get what we need from our runs, no mean feat. The technical advice and encouragement are excellent and you really will enjoy your running more being with a friendly and supportive coach and group of runners.  Kate

Jo is a fantastic coach.  Her groups are friendly and encouraging and like most things in life, running is more fun done in company. Jo seemlessly accommodates all levels of runner so nobody is ever left out, behind or bored and the sessions are varied with just the right balance of 'achievable challenge'.  Jo believes in you when you don't believe in yourself and helps you achieve your personal goals.  I wouldn't be the runner I am without Jo.  Lizzy

I started running at the age of 55 and 12 years late I am still running thanks to all the encouragement that I have had from Jo over the last six years.  She is a brilliant coach for all ages and abilities and has motivated me to keep running 2 days a week, come rain or shine.  I love running, it has helped me keep fit and over the years I have made so many super friends.  I hope to continue as long as I possibly can.

I would thoroughly recommend taking up running - you would find it difficult to find a better mentor than Jo.

Jo helped me prepare and train for the London Marathon 2013.  She not only provided a great and comprehensive training plan but also, more vitally, support and advice.  Jo helped me complete and, more importantly, ENJOY the London Marathon - I couldn't have done it it without her! Emily

I took part in Jo’s recent 10-mile training sessions and enjoyed each session immensely.   I have many happy memories of our Sunday mornings running along the Darenth Valley usually (but not always) in the late summer sunshine.  This was a new and rather terrifying challenge for me and one I never thought I would actually achieve.  But Jo’s support and encouragement along each step of the way really helped me meet the target.  In addition to the distance sessions, I found Jo’s Wednesday evening speed sessions extremely helpful.  Aside from being excellent training for the extra distance we were running on Sundays, I also found the sessions highly effective for losing weight!  They were hard work, but great fun.  I have equally enjoyed the social aspect of running alongside a really supportive group of like-minded people.  All in all I would say that I am enjoying running with a great group led by a great coach who has helped me become a fitter and more confident runner.  Caroline

Jo is a fantastic running and fitness coach who has bundles of energy, friendliness and patience and who gives huge amounts of encouragement, motivation and makes running fun!


I recently completed a running course with Jo. It was a great group, of mixed abilities, and Jo ensured that everyone was looked after and achieved their full potential.


I can highly recommend Jo's personal running sessions. I booked 3 of these before running in The Great South Run and ran 9 minutes faster than the previous year! Thanks Jo, Zena